• carterac99

Mirror Prayers

Before you judge me, I want to start with the announcement that this is my first mirror selfie ever. I swear. Well, other than the ones I send to my fashionista girlfriends with the text, "Does this outfit work?" But this selfie has a different purpose. In the last few weeks I have been burdened with the truth that women don't see the real beauty they hold. They see flaws and imperfections only. So today I prayed over my 16 year old daughter's mirror. Weird? Maybe. But God knows what's up. It went something like this:

Lord, when my daughter looks into this mirror, help her to see what you see. Use this reflection to speak to her of her value and beauty and worth, inside and out. Protect her from the lies that Satan is whispering in this mirror. Let every moment spent in this place be healthy, and let every moment spent in this place glorify you. Give her Your eyes, not the eyes of this world. Amen.

Probably need to pray that over my own mirror as well.


Lubbock, TX, USA

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